Molly’s Journal

February 14, 2000 – 8 years and 2 months before meeting Craig

Lord, it’s awesome! I seriously have NO desire for a boyfriend! Thank you for fulfilling me!

October 23, 2000 – 7 and a half years before meeting Craig

Lord, I want to be fully complete in You – lacking nothing. Please teach me how to do that.

February 14, 2001 – 7 years and 2 months before meeting Craig

Lordy, it’s Valentine’s Day and I am as happy as could be! Just You and me! Thank you for desiring good gifts for me and for giving me the desires of my heart (husband… hint! Hint! Just kidding!) You are all I want and if You throw a husband in the deal, well, Great! I love you!

December 2, 2001 – 6 years and 4 months before meeting Craig

I really am looking forward to marriage, but I don’t want it to get out of control So please Lord, help me not focus on finding my guy or him finding me. Please help me redeem my time of singleness by using it for Your glory and an opportunity to be an example of a single woman of God.

February 14, 2002 – 6 years and 2 months before meeting Craig

Ok, so here we sit on Valentine’s Day, 2002, and God, I am not the least bit lonely or sad. I am very content at where I am as far as being single. Please please continue to show me strategic and practical ways to take advantage of my singleness, Lord. Let this time in my life be used big time toward Your kingdom. Use me now in specific ways that You couldn’t if I as married or had a boyfriend. Please allow me to minister to hurting hearts and lonely women.

June 6, 2002 – 5 years and 10 months before meeting Craig

Jesus, will you please help me guard this special time in our life and journey together? I ask more than ever now, that You will bring the person into my life in Your timing and without me having to work hard at it. My request of You is that You would be the match maker and let me know when the time and the man has come. God, some people may say, “Oh Molly, you have to do some work too. You can’t just sit around and expect some prince charming to sweep you off your feet.” Well, God, you know I am not just sitting around – I am running after you, Jesus, and building Your kingdom. I am busy with that, so I really don’t have time to shop around! That’s the honest truth, Lordy. For real! Like I’ve told You before – I don’t know how you work things concerning marriage and who ends up with who, but I do know that you are my Daddy and You love me and want the best for me. So could You please scope out the territory and pick out a marvelous man after your own heart who You know would be the best for me and I would be the best for him. I BELIEVE You for that! How else could it be? So for now, Jesus, my portion is singleness, and I gladly drink this cup! Yum! Yum!

August 17, 2002 – 5 years and 8 months before meeting Craig

Last night, Mel and I prayed for our future husbands and reminded each other not to settle. I told You that I desire to be a wife that surpasses all my husband’s wildest dreams and expectations. I want to blow his socks off! Yay! God, it is my desire to have a dynamic marriage – one that breaks the norm and all the stereotypes. Please prepare me to be the woman that request requires and send me a man that will fulfill the husband’s role in that. I’m anxious, Lord, but willing to wait so that You can work in ways in me that You couldn’t if I was not single, and also, I trust You are preparing my “H”!

October 10, 2002 – 5 and a half years before meeting Craig

Please continue to give me wisdom and discernment in this area – oh yeah – and PATIENCE – lots of it! Please prepare me to be an extraordinary wonderful wife. Please work in my hubby’s life too. Give him the patience and wisdom to wait for me and not get distracted along the way.

June 27, 2003 – 4 years and 10 months before meeting Craig

It’s so easy for me to worry about guys and marriage and stuff. So please help me focus, focus, focus and trust, trust, trust You to hook me up. I know I won’t be disappointed. Yay!

October 27, 2003 – 4 and a half years before meeting Craig

I really am in no hurry. You’ve given me a desire to be single (for now!). Please help me stay true to You, Lord, and Your work. You’ve reminded me of a lot of things, Lord, that I’ve prayed for for quite a while. You’ve reminded me that my future hubby is WORTH THE WAIT!

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